How do you use Tiger Balm?

Tiger Balm is a powerful herbal balsam from China, which is often used to relieve muscular pain. But the balsam has many other applications than just this! It can also serve as a simple remedy for colds, headaches, stomach complaints, insect bites and so much more. Read below how Tiger Balm can be used for all these different purposes.

Natural muscle ointment

The most well-known use of Tiger Balm is as a means to soothe stiff or painful muscles. A fingertip of the ointment massaged into the painful spot can bring quick relief. The blood circulation is stimulated, so that the damaged muscles can start to recover and heal. To achieve a warm and relaxing effect, use Tiger Balm Red. For a cooling and loosening effect or for the treatment of bruises and sprains, use Tiger Balm White.

Once you have applied the balsam, immediately wash your hands thoroughly, since contact with your mucus membranes or eyes can result in an unpleasant burning sensation.

Relief for bites and itching

Tiger Balm is an ideal remedy for soothing the itching that can be caused by mosquito bites and other insects bites. Jellyfish stings can also be treated effectively with the balsam. For these purposes you can use either Tiger Balm Red or Tiger Balm White. Just rub the ointment into the affected area of skin. So make sure that you take some with you on holiday!

Treating headaches without medication

Are suffering from a headache but prefer not to take a painkiller? Take a little bit of Tiger Balm White on your fingertip and gently massage it into your temples and forehead. This is a particularly good remedy for headaches caused by stress and tension. But make sure that the balsam doesn't get into your eyes!

Soothing a sore throat

If you feel a sore throat coming on, rub some Tiger Balm White into the skin of your throat and neck before going to bed. You will feel a lot better the next morning.

Freeing a blocked nose

Tiger Balm White can also be applied just under your nostrils (but not on chapped or rough skin) to help free up a blocked nose.

As a deodorant

To combat the unpleasant odour of sweat, you can also rub Tiger Balm into your armpits. Use Tiger Balm White for this purpose. If you usually shave your armpits, do not apply the balsam immediately afterwards, since this will cause a stinging sensation.

Tiger Balm is also a good way to freshen up your smelly sport shoes. At the same time, it also helps to soothe calluses and corns.

Tiger Balm is an indispensable home remedy that should have a place in everyone's medicine cabinet!

Warming up cold feet

Cold feet can instantly be made deliciously warm by rubbing in a thin layer of Tiger Balm Red. This immediately enhances the blood circulation. Did you know that having warm feet makes it easier to fall asleep?