Tiger Balm White or Red: what is the difference?

Tiger Balm exists in two variants: Tiger Balm Red and Tiger Balm White. Both can be used to provide relief to stiff muscles and joints or to soothe the pain and itching caused by insect bites. Even so, the composition of both balsams is different, which means that they can also be used for other different applications and effects.

Why is Tiger Balm so powerful?

Tiger Balm products contain a number of different active components, including camphor, menthol and the essential oils of cloves, cajeput and field mint.

The Red and White variants of Tiger Balm both contain the same active components. The difference between them is to be found in the relative proportions of these components and in the fact that cinnamon oil is added to Tiger Balm Red. As a result, the effect of Tiger Balm on the skin can either be warming or cooling, depending on the composition.

Tiger Balm Red

The red variant has a strong herbal-spicy aroma. Tiger Balm Red has a warming effect and is suitable for treating stiff muscles and joints, both before and after sport and exercise. This variant is also ideal for easing the morning stiffness that you can sometimes feel when you get out of bed. To increase the power of the effect, you can wrap the affected area(s) in a bandage or cloth. Tiger Balm Red is also effective for treating insect bites.

Be careful: Tiger Balm Red can stain clothing and sheets.

Tiger Balm White

The white variant smells strongly of menthol, but also contains all the other active components. Tiger Balm White has a cooling and relaxing effect. In addition to treating muscle pain, you can also use this variant to breathe more easily (by applying it under the nose), to soothe insect bites and to relieve headaches (by massaging it into the temples).

Hot or cold?

The choice between the red and white variants is largely dependent on the effect you want to achieve. Do you want a warming or cooling treatment for your stiff or painful muscles? Which aroma do you prefer? Do you want to use your balsam for more than one purpose? If so, which ones? Find out what options the red and white variants can give you – and then make your choice!

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