KV Kortrijk

KV Kortrijk is a Belgian football club with a strong local anchoring in the West Flanders city of the same name. The club plays its home games in the Golden Spurs Stadium, which has a capacity of 9,399 spectators. Although KV Kortrijk is perhaps not as well-known as some other Belgian football clubs, it nevertheless plays an important role in city's life and is a vital part of the local sporting community, as well as being a source of pride for its many dedicated fans. Over the years, KV Kortrijk has built up a strong relationship with these fans and with its sponsors, including Tiger Balm. The commitment of sponsors like Tiger Balm has helped to support the club in its drive for success, both on and off the field. In this respect, KV Kortrijk continues to focus on further growth and the consolidation of its position in the world of Belgian football.