The philosophy behind Tiger Balm is based on ancient Oriental wisdom. The starting point is the belief that no one should be prevented from leading a full and active life because of pain, ailments and daily discomfort. Tiger Balm has been helping to make this possible in almost 100 different countries for more than 100 years.

More than 150 years ago (in 1870, to be precise), a former herbal doctor at the imperial court in China, named Aw Chu Kin, opened a small pharmacy in Rangoon (Myanmar). There, he developed and sold a unique Chinese vegetal pomade for the relief of muscle and joint pain.

His sons Aw Boon Haw (whose name means 'tiger') and Aw Boon Par inherited the formula for this pomade and at the start of the 20th
century took it to Singapore, where they marketed it under the name of 'Tiger Balm'. Since then, Tiger Balm has been used by many generations of customers.

The safety and efficiency of this unique formula, based on natural essential oils, has been proven scientifically. Over the years, the original Tiger Balm – which is sold in its typical six-sided pots and is suitable for use by young and old alike – has been joined by a wide range of other Tiger Balm creams, oils and plasters that have many different applications.

Tiger Balm, a ‘lifestyle’ brand that offers natural solutions for numerous ailments.